Sound off on the Royals

It's a new era for the Royals. That doesn't mean the team will make the playoffs, but the losing culture that has permeated for years (12 sub-.500 finishes in the last 13 seasons) won't be tolerated anymore under GM Dayton Moore.

Look no further than the Royals' acquisition of Tony Pena Jr. from Atlanta -- and subsequent demotion of Angel Berroa to Triple-A -- as proof. Pena will be Kansas City's new starting shortstop, while Berroa collects his $8.5M paycheck in the minors. Pena is no Miguel Tejada, but he can't be any worse than Berroa, who has steadily declined since winning the AL Rookie of the Year in 2003 and showed no signs of improvement this spring.

The signing of Gil Meche (even if $55M seems a little much) is another step in the right direction for a staff that finished dead last in the AL in ERA and nearly every other significant pitching category. Zach Greinke is also on the upswing.

With Alex Gordon manning third, the future looks even brighter. He is the real deal and might be in the running for an MVP one day.

Is the tide turning in Kansas City, or will the futility continue? Let us know what you think.