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Buster Olney @Buster_ESPN

Coming up for the Red Sox: Holt, Bogaerts, Ortiz, Betts. Betts is hitting .513 this year in at-bats in which he gets ahead in the count.

Buster Olney @Buster_ESPN

Infield hit for Cuthbert and he beats it out. One out in the top of the first on Sunday Night Baseball, Royals at Red Sox, ESPN.

Jesse Rogers ESPN Staff Writer 

Onesie flight home has commenced for the Cubs. Miguel Montero headed to the plane.

Kid excited after getting ball from Trout

A young Angels fan is ecstatic when given a signed ball from Mike Trout.


Jesse Rogers ESPN Staff Writer 

Cubs lose 1-0 but there might be more positives than negatives. Lester was great on the mound while Heyward was good at the plate and young CJ Edwards passed another test out of the bullpen.

Marly Rivera ESPN Writer 

Here is what Yasiel Puig just told me about being put on waivers by the Dodgers: "It didn't surprise me. It's common for all teams to put players on [revocable] waivers. I'm just here waiting to see what the future holds. I'm here in Oklahoma giving my best and preparing to have an opportunity, whether that is with another team or to stay with the Dodgers. I have to wait the pertinent time with the waivers and then wait to see what decision [the Dodgers] make. I'm here to play baseball. That's part of the business of baseball. I came from Cuba to the US to play baseball."

Jesse Rogers ESPN Staff Writer 

Joe Maddon has stuck to his guns when it comes to his starting pitchers. Up by double digits in the central division he's been pulling his starters at about 100 pitches as he did again on Sunday with Jon Lester. Lester was at 98 after six innings when he got pinch hit for in a 0-0 game. Usually the pitchers will complain to the Cubs manager but understand Maddon is saving their arms for the playoffs. If this was October Lester would undoubtedly have continued.