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It's hard to imagine two teams playing more evenly than the Red Sox and Yankees over the past 10 years. The storied rivals face off Wednesday night at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN/WatchESPN.

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Take a good pitcher trying to rediscover himself and an opponent struggling horrifically at the plate, and this is what you get: The White Sox's Jose Quintana has struck out seven Royals over his first three innings, the most he's ever punched out over the first three frames of an outing. Chicago leads 2-0.

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The Tigers were hitting on all cylinders on Tuesday and put together one of their best offense performances in recent memory.

Joe McDonald @ESPNJoeyMac

After nearly eight years of covering the NHL, MLB and the NFL at ESPN, it's time for the next chapter in my career.

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Although the Mariners and Rockies lost on Tuesday, four of the six longest home runs were hit by their players.

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On Tuesday, Nationals SS Trea Turner became the eighth player in MLB history to drive in seven or more runs in a game while hitting for the cycle. Since 1995, players have hit for the cycle at Coors Field -- the site of Turner's feat -- more than twice as often as they have at any other ballpark.

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Do fans in a ballpark think baseball has a pace-of-game problem? Ken Taylor, Dalton Sterling & Shannon Sterling tell Jayson Stark it's more complicated than it looks. Video editing wizard: Matt Marrone