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Coley Harvey ESPN Staff Writer 

As he celebrates his 26th birthday today, here's an interesting stat about Aaron Judge from the Yankees. Only three Yankees in the past 50 years have hit more homers than Judge's 63 before their 26th bdays: Don Mattingly (94), Bobby Murcer (77), Derek Jeter (70). Remember, Judge made his MLB debut at 24. Mattingly made his at 21, Murcer at 19 and Jeter at 20. One of Judge's 63 homers actually came on his birthday. He hit a homer in a 3-1 win over Boston last April 26.

Coley Harvey ESPN Staff Writer 

Aaron Judge was discussing after the game what the Yankees need to do to stay hot. "The biggest thing is to just get some runners on when Didi's hitting. That's the only thing we need to do," he said, smiling. Nothing that Gregorius is doing right now surprises him. Added Judge: "It's pretty cool to just see that as a teammate. All the hard work he's put in over the years ... I'm excited for the rest of the year for him."

Coley Harvey ESPN Staff Writer 

How bad did the fog get at Yankee Stadium tonight? Aaron Judge said it got tough to track anything that went as high as the upper deck. Weren't the most favorable conditions by the end of the game.

Jesse Rogers ESPN Staff Writer 

Cleveland Indians reliever Andrew Miller left Wednesday's game after throwing two pitches with an apparent leg injury which occurred during his delivery to home plate. He grabbed his left leg quickly but walked off under his own power.

Buster Olney @Buster_ESPN

Didi Gregorius HR/strikeouts in his career: 2013: 7/65 2014: 6/52 2015: 9/85 2016: 20/82 2017: 25/87 2018: 9/9