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Jayson Stark ESPN Senior Writer 

Jon Lester had given up one run in the World Series in his career (3 starts). He gave up 2 in a span of 4 pitches last inning.

Buster Olney @Buster_ESPN

Perez greets Kluber coming off the mound after Coghlan K to tap him on the chest, something he does after every inning with every pitcher.

Andrew Marchand ESPN Senior Writer 

If you look at overall Series strategy, winning Game 1 with Corey Kluber going deep into the game could be huge. It would allow Terry Francona to potentially unleash Andrew Miller for multiple innings in Game 2. An important second for Kluber as he leaves Ben Zobrist stranded after Zobrist led off with a double.

Dan Mullen 

If Kyle Schwarber is going to play hero tonight. It will have to come later. His first AB ended like his previous three career at-bats against Corey Kluber -- with a strikeout.

Jesse Rogers ESPN Staff Writer 

Kyle Schwarber strikes out on a full count in his first AB since April 7.

Buster Olney @Buster_ESPN

Corey Kluber being strongly considered to start Games 1, 4 and 7 in this series. Has thrown only 353 pitches over the last 30 days.

Andrew Marchand ESPN Senior Writer 

Francisco Lindor has been the Indians' MVPP (Most Valuable Position Player) this whole postseason. He started the inning with his two-out single and stolen base and then came around to score.

Adam Reisinger 

The crowd in Quicken Loans Arena just got as loud as it has all night -- not because of Kiss Cam, but because the Indians scored. The Cavs fans are now chanting "Let's Go Tribe."

Paul Lukas 

Indians starter Corey Kluber must be superstitious about keeping the same cap. You can see the outline where the Postseason patch was removed and replaced by the World Series patch.

Buster Olney @Buster_ESPN

Even if Lester could throw to bases, he would've had no shot at that. 20 pitches and counting for the Cubs' lefty.

Buster Olney @Buster_ESPN

David Ross trying to slow Lester down. Slow walk to the mound, deliberate chat. 3-0 count vs. Santana.