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Eddie Matz ESPN Senior Writer 

Here's how competitive Max Scherzer is. A day after Strasburg hits the DL, and with his team up 9-0 in the third and Scherzer batting for the second time in the inning, he busts a hard 90 on a slow infield grounder and just barely legs it out. Most pitchers would've phoned that one in.

Eddie Matz ESPN Senior Writer 

The Nationals have gone back to back to back to back. That's not a typo. Four homers in a row off Brewers starter Michael Blazak. Brain Goodwin, Wilmer Difo, Bryce Harper, Ryan Zimmerman. First time in Nats/Expos history they've gone B2B2B2B.

Buster Olney @Buster_ESPN

Bradley Zimmer runs into Jose Ramirez on a pop-up, close to full speed, but it looks they're both OK.

Eddie Matz ESPN Senior Writer 

On his first pitch after getting ejected last night, Bryce Harper ejected the baseball. His two-run bomb extends his hit streak to a career-high 19 games, tied for longest in the majors this season.

ESPN @espn

ICYMI: The ump told Adrian Beltre to get back in the on-deck circle ... so he moved the on-deck circle.