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Jim Witalka ESPN Producer 

Sean Doolittle getting a look at the NL dugout, which is currently under water.

Matt Marrone 

Live from Nationals Park in D.C.

Eddie Matz ESPN Senior Writer 

The scene at Nats Park right now. Cats and dogs does not apply. More like tigers and wolves.


Dania Haughton ESPN 

Astros ace Justin Verlander hits the red carpet with wife Kate Upton, who's expecting their first child.

Matt Marrone 

Speaking of those thunder showers in the D.C. forecast, it has now begun raining here at Nationals Park.

Dania Haughton ESPN 

George Springer signs autographs for fans at All-Star red carpet.

Dana Lee ESPN 

All-Stars getting the Hollywood red carpet treatment in D.C.

Matt Marrone 

It's currently cloudy and 87 degrees as D.C. gets set for tonight's MLB All-Star Game. That temperature is set to drop a bit — there are thunder showers in the forecast over the next few hours.