Max Scherzer has injury insurance

Detroit Tigers ace Max Scherzer, who rejected a lucrative extension offer prior to this season, told SI.com that he took out an insurance policy that would cover any lost income if he suffers an injury prior to becoming a free agent.

Scherzer made headlines in March when he turned down the Tigers' offer, which reportedly was worth $144 million.

But the reigning American League Cy Young Award winner is confident that the insurance policy will decrease his financial "risk."

"This takes the injury risk out of it," Scherzer told SI.com.

Scherzer, 29, did not reveal how much money was covered by the policy. The right-hander told SI.com that he asked his agent, Scott Boras, to research the frequency of injuries to pitchers his age. According to Scherzer, Boras' research concluded that the likelihood of an injury decreases once a pitcher has spent four seasons in the majors.

"Look at all the Tommy John injuries," Scherzer told the website. "They keep happening to young pitchers with less than four years in the major leagues."

Scherzer is 7-2 with a 3.38 ERA in 13 starts this season. Both Scherzer and the Tigers have stated that they intend to resume contract negotiations once the season ends.