List: Five best-hitting pitchers

San Francisco Giants left-hander Madison Bumgarner, who pitches against the Phillies on ESPN's "Wednesday Night Baseball" (8 p.m. ET, ESPN/WatchESPN), leads all major league pitchers with three home runs -- two of them grand slams -- and a .512 slugging percentage, which would place him between Yasiel Puig and Seth Smith if he had enough qualifying at-bats.

While Bumgarner might be the best dual threat in 2014, he has a long way to go if he ever hopes to crack the following list: the top five best-hitting pitchers of the past 25 years (based on adjusted OPS and at least 200 at-bats).

1. Micah Owings (OPS+ = 106)

2. Dontrelle Willis (75)

3. Mike Hampton (67)

4. Omar Oliveras (65)

5. Carlos Zambrano (62)