List: 5 top 'players to be named later'

As we approach the July 31 trade deadline, a number of deals will include a "player to be named later" -- typically, a minor league player sent to another team further down the line to finalize a trade. In fact, the July 5 trade that sent Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel from the Cubs to the A's included a PTBNL, going from Oakland to Chicago, but the player has yet to be determined.

Some PTBNLs have turned into productive major leaguers. Below is a list of the top five active players who were once players to be named later (ordered by career wins above replacement).

1. David Ortiz (WAR: 46.1)

2. Coco Crisp (30.6)

3. Marco Scutaro (22.3)

4. Gio Gonzalez (15.6)

5. Michael Brantley (10.7)