List: Five worst-hitting pitchers

Even the most staunch advocates of the designated hitter might pause when Aaron Harang steps to the plate. The Atlanta Braves right-hander, who starts Thursday night against Miami, is close to an automatic out with a bat in his hands. For his career, Harang has an adjusted OPS of minus-45 to go with an .091 batting average.

Surprisingly, though, he's not the worst-hitting pitcher among active players. That dubious honor goes to the Pirates' Charlie Morton, one of the five offensively challenged pitchers of the past 25 years (based on adjusted OPS and at least 200 at-bats).

1. Brian Moehler (OPS+ = -58)

2. Mark Clark (-54)

3. Doug Davis (-49)

4. Charlie Morton (-48)

5. Ben Sheets (-47)