Nationals don't mind if Harper keeps breaking scoreboards

The Washington Nationals are just fine with Bryce Harper destroying Nationals Park, as long as he keeps hitting home runs in the process. Harper reached 100 career home runs in spectacular fashion on Wednesday, sending a grand slam careening off a right-field scoreboard. The blast busted a panel on the scoreboard, leaving a blank black rectangle in its wake.

The Nationals took to Twitter to let Harper know that there are no hard feelings about the broken panel. They tweeted out a picture of the replaced panel and let Harper know they are ready to "fix 100 more if need be."

While the grand slam was the first of his career, Harper has already belted three home runs in Washington's first eight games this season. So the Nationals staff might want to think about adding to their inventory of replacement panels, in case Harper starts sending more blasts out to the right-field scoreboard.