Cubs' Joe Maddon sent Clemson motivational video

CHICAGO -- Cubs manager Joe Maddon doesn't know if he deserves any credit for helping the Clemson Tigers win a national championship, but he was more than happy to send them a motivational video at the request of Clemson coach and friend Dabo Swinney before their victory over Alabama on Monday.

In fact, Swinney invited Maddon to speak with his team in person, but the Cubs manager misread the text.

"I read it [quickly]," Maddon said Wednesday. "And didn't realize he wanted me to go see his team."

Instead, Maddon recorded a 3 1/2-minute video on his iPad and sent it to Swinney, whom he met over the summer when the Clemson coach came to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs. While getting a tour of the facility, he spoke to players and met with Maddon.

Swinney watched closely as the Cubs won the World Series, while Maddon did the same during Clemson's march to a championship.

"I was very happy for him," Maddon said. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The fact that he could consider using my thoughts is very flattering."

Maddon said he and Swinney are becoming "better friends," as the two have at least one thing in common now: They're the reigning champions in their respective sports.