Uni Watch: MLB's new spring look

When pitchers and catchers return to the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues some will be sporting some new looks in 2017. Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire/Corbis via Getty Images

With pitchers and catchers due to report to Florida and Arizona in less than two weeks, Major League Baseball has unveiled this season's spring training caps and jerseys.

The 2017 caps are similar to those from last year. Each one features a highway shield-themed "FL" or "AZ" patch on the side (although the patch has moved from the left side to the right, with the logo of cap manufacturer New Era now appearing on the left). Aside from that tweak, many of the cap designs are the same as last year's, although a few teams have made some changes. Here are the most notable ones:

• The most eye-catching new design comes from the Yankees, whose new Grapefruit League home cap features a pinstriped brim -- a bold look for the notoriously traditional-looking team.

• The Mets have removed their Mr. Met mascot from their cap and replaced him with their standard "NY" logo.

• The Cubs have revived their old "angry bear" mascot from the 1980s and used it as the basis for a new cap.

• Another retro logo being dusted off is the Mariners' old trident mark, which has been reinterpreted in the team's contemporary color scheme.

• The Indians are sticking with a contrasting front panel on their cap, but that panel will now be red instead of white.

• In a move likely to spur criticism from fans opposed to the use of Native American iconography in sports, the Braves have added a tomahawk cap.

This year's spring training jerseys are largely unchanged from last year. The primary difference is that the sublimated pattern on the letters and numbers has been updated to reflect the current year.

All of the spring caps and jerseys can be viewed here.

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