In case you missed it: What you need to know about every MLB postseason team

October baseball is here.

Now's the time to catch up on everything there is to know about the teams heading to the playoffs. Here's what you might have missed during the regular season:


They're crashing a party they weren't supposed to be invited to for another year or two. The Baby Bombers -- such as Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez and Luis Severino -- have arrived at October baseball ahead of schedule. Andrew Marchand


By bringing Boston's brand of analysis and former Sox coach Torey Lovullo on as manager, the Diamondbacks are taking the Red Sox's route to blaze a trail back to October. Jerry Crasnick

Red Sox

"The Ski Jump." "The Carlton." "The Stanky Leg." Red Sox victory rituals sure have rhythm. Boston's outfielders break down what it's like to "Win, Dance, Repeat." Scott Lauber


2016: History. 2017: Dynasty? After 108 years of heartache, the Cubs entered a new season as reigning World Series champions. Here's what separates them from the rest of baseball and how they stack up to MLB dynasties.


No dog left in the fight? New to this whole baseball thing? Don't worry, there's still time to jump on a postseason bandwagon. You just might want to pick the Houston Astros, the most-fun-to-watch team in the majors. David Schoenfield


"Extreme Makeover: Bullpen Edition" is getting rave reviews in D.C. July's trades have given the Nationals the one thing they lacked early on: late-game relief. Eddie Matz


Watching the Indians on their historic winning streak, it became clear the most remarkable thing about the team wasn't the wins. Wright Thompson


You win some, you lose some. Two dramatic streaks will define the Dodgers' 2017 season -- unless they can pull off something even more memorable in October. Tim Keown


Minnesota, which lost 103 games in 2016, has seen a rare reboot this season. Credit a new-look front office -- and youngster Miguel Sano -- for helping spark the Twins' turnaround. Scott Lauber

Miller: Which outfield would shag more flies: One Byron Buxton or 25 Home Run Derby kids? Keating: Glove Actually: How the Twins are proving the value of defense Crasnick: Brian Dozier sees a plan in every puzzle


If it's a matter of faith, Colorado now has it. The rookie-laden starting rotation has been a revelation, but it's the mighty bullpen that's had a trickle-down effect to the rest of the roster. Bradford Doolittle