Nats' Bryce Harper to pitch hair products for barbershop

It took six full seasons in the majors, but Bryce Harper finally has the most natural endorsement: a hair product deal.

The Washington Nationals slugger, known for his thick hair and groomed beard, has signed a deal with Blind Barber, a network of six barbershops where customers can get a cut, have a drink and buy one of the brand's variety of hair care products for retail.

As part of the deal, Harper will help create and sell the brand's hair strong hold styling clay, which the company says helps take dirt out of hair, a beard balm and dry shampoo.

Harper will get an equity stake in the business by lending his name and time.

A teaser for the deal went viral Wednesday, as Harper's brother Bryan tweeted a clip of Harper blowing his hair out with a hair dryer in each hand. In a commercial that the brand is rolling out Thursday, the dual hair dryers return in a spot that sees Harper talking himself up in the mirror in a bathroom. The brand's motto is "Stay Handsome."

"Now that we have him, we'd like to get the conversation away from free agency and get back to his hair," joked Jeff Laub, one of Blind Barber's owners.

Laub said that a couple years ago, he googled "Best Hair In Sports."

Harper was near the top of the list.

Blind Barber blindly sent Harper a set of their products and didn't hear back for a year. Then, out of the blue, Harper's representatives called the company to say he liked their products. It took another year to consummate a deal.

"What we found out is Bryce is just so dedicated to his craft," Laub said. "And that's one of the reasons why he wants to find the best. In life, he doesn't skimp on anything. We were pleased that Bryce asked for equity that he wanted to be part of our success."

The products will hit the market in September and will sell in the $18 to $24 range. They will be sold at upscale store Barney's, at a men's lifestyle website and on Blind Barber's website.