Rockies rookie Noel Cuevas goes on coffee run in full uniform

It's not unusual for MLB veterans to send rookies on a coffee run before a day game after a night contest, but the Colorado Rockies took it to extremes.

Outfielder Noel Cuevas was sent out in full uniform, along with a cart, on the streets of Chicago outside Wrigley Field. He was accompanied by teammates Daniel Castro and Harrison Musgrave.

Cuevas went to Starbucks and returned with no fewer than 20 cups of joe for his team. The Rockies sideline reporter tweeted that he spent $111.55. She also tweeted out a picture of the order, letting the world know that there are at least a couple of caramel frappuccino fans on the team.

The Rockies got a solid jolt from their java Wednesday, cruising to an 11-2 win. Cuevas, 26, came on as a pinch hitter in the eighth inning, singled and scored a run. He stayed in the game and singled again in the ninth.