Adam Jones, Chris Davis get stuck in elevator in Toronto

An elevator ride in Toronto for Adam Jones and Chris Davis mimicked their team's season. Going nowhere.

The two Baltimore Orioles players along with several other passengers were stuck in an elevator at the team hotel following an 8-7, 10-inning loss to the Blue Jays.

Jones documented the event with an Instagram stories posting.

With music blaring, Davis was shown trying to pry the doors open after the elevator became stuck between floors.

Jones verbally and with graphics noted how much he and the others were sweating.

Eventually the Toronto fire department was able to open the doors and the passengers climbed out.

Jones' text over the video read, "That was awesome," followed by "I was close to taking off my shirt also."

Back in his hotel room, Jones ended his saga saying, "Whoever is sending these 'please be safe, I'm glad you're OK messages,' come on I'm stuck on an elevator, I'm not stuck on an airplane."

The Orioles are stuck in last place in the American League East, 40 1/2 games back of Boston and own baseball's worst record at 28-70.