Winter meetings predictions: Will Vegas deliver any last-day drama?

Wednesday is the last full day of the winter meetings, and there has been little action as teams warily consider their options. With roughly 24 hours to go before the leading executives of all 30 teams start packing up to go home and return to the hot stove, what's going to happen in Las Vegas before they have to jet? We polled some of our writers and editors at the meetings to see what they expect may yet happen.

Biggest name you think could sign today

J.A. Happ, mostly because it seems to be a matter of dickering about the years he'll sign for with his new (or old) team. -- Bradford Doolittle

Wilson Ramos is here in Vegas and has met with the New York Mets and Milwaukee Brewers. The Mets, of course, are in the middle of the J.T. Realmuto rumors, but why blow up your farm system or trade Noah Syndergaard when you can sign Ramos or Yasmani Grandal? -- David Schoenfield

The general silence and lack of big-splash moves at these winter meetings has made it hard to predict anything in the realm of daily signings. Clearly at this point, Manny Machado and Bryce Harper won't be at the Mandalay Bay putting their names on any contracts. If a major domino were to somehow fall, perhaps it will be a pitcher. J.A. Happ certainly knows where he stands with those courting him. -- Coley Harvey

Put me down for J.A. Happ as well. The starting pitcher market has taken shape more than any other this winter with Patrick Corbin and Nathan Eovaldi having signed. And at age 36, the two- or three-year deal that Happ is likely to get seems to fit the final piece-type move that contenders are looking for right now. -- Dan Mullen

Likeliest major trade of the day

The Seattle Mariners will trade Carlos Santana to somebody, if only because it has been a few days since Jerry Dipoto pulled off a trade. -- Doolittle

Seems to be too many chefs in the Realmuto kitchen at the moment. So how about Corey Kluber? To the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Alex Verdugo is the big piece the Cleveland Indians get in return. -- Schoenfield

As the sun set on the desert Monday, so much chatter revolved around a mega, three-team trade that would finally inject some true buzz into these meetings. It didn't happen. As we enter Wednesday, the overall trade chatter in Las Vegas has diminished. -- Harvey

Insert Dodgers outfielder's name here. L.A. needing to deal from its outfield depth is a matter of when, not if. If I have to pick one Dodgers outfielder, I'd say Yasiel Puig is most likely of the group to be dealt today. -- Mullen

Team most likely to make a final-day splash

I'm not sure where J.T. Realmuto will end up, but I'm guessing the Miami Marlins will find his new team before the meetings break up. So the Marlins will make the biggest splash, as marlins tend to do. -- Doolittle

Well, I just had Kluber going to the Dodgers, so that's a splash worthy of Bartolo Colon jumping into the kiddie pool. But there seems to be a lot of buzz with the Mets, and their new GM obviously isn't afraid to make a move. Maybe it's a trade or maybe it's a free-agent signing. -- Schoenfield

It seems hard to discount anything the Chicago White Sox might do at this point. They appear to be connected in various talks for the top remaining free-agent starters, and they just made a key addition to the rotation Tuesday, adding Ivan Nova in a trade with Pittsburgh. Oh, and they're reportedly one of Manny Machado's four suitors -- though any team's deal with him would likely occur after the winter meetings. -- Harvey

See my comment above. The Dodgers feel like one of the few teams that really has to do something and once they make one move, the rest of the dominoes could fall from there. -- Mullen

What WON'T happen but will have people talking?

I don't think the Mets will deal Noah Syndergaard, but the fact the buzz about that possibility got as loud as it did will surely keep New York fans on edge for the rest of the winter. -- Doolittle

The Syndergaard rumors are fun and intriguing, but I still find it hard to believe the Mets would trade him on the heels of the Edwin Diaz/Robinson Cano deal. -- Schoenfield

Bryce Harper won't get signed by a team while the winter meetings wrap up in his hometown, but he will be all the buzz Wednesday. The question of where will he sign will soon get replaced by a more earnest when will he sign? His agent, Scott Boras, is expected to hold court in his customary Wednesday-of-the-winter-meetings scrum. Once that happens, he'll surely have the baseball world talking about Harper. -- Harvey

J.T. Realmuto to the ______. I think Realmuto will move soon, but there doesn't seem to be a perfect fit given the Marlins' (rightfully) high asking price, so it might take a little while longer for this to get done. -- Mullen

If you could make one deal, what would it be?

I would trade Adam Ottavino to 1927 so he would find out that Babe Ruth could hit him just as well as the Bambino hit Walter Johnson and Lefty Grove. Back in reality, I'd like to see the Houston Astros trade from their prospect depth to get Trevor Bauer, putting Bauer back in the same rotation as Gerrit Cole. What could go wrong? -- Doolittle

The Yankees get Scooter Gennett from the Cincinnati Reds for Sonny Gray and a prospect. -- Schoenfield

From a New York Yankees perspective, there are so many trade possibilities that seem worth exploring. Just on Tuesday, GM Brian Cashman listed more than a dozen names of Bronx Bombers who have generated interest from other teams. Would I trade any of them at this point? No. Noah Syndergaard might be a nice flamethrower and all, but the promise of young Miguel Andujar still feels like too great a price to pay. So to answer this question a different way, here's one deal I wouldn't make. -- Harvey

After two days of waiting with only Andrew McCutchen to the Phillies to show for it, I'll take any move that becomes the signature move for these winter meetings, with Corey Kluber getting traded to the Dodgers being one that certainly would fit that bill. -- Mullen

Storyline everyone will be talking about on the plane out of Vegas

Unfortunately, unless deals start to crystallize before Thursday, it will be the same reaction as last year: relative inaction. The chatter has seemed a little more consistent but the transactions have again just come in trickles. -- Doolittle

Bryce and Manny, Manny and Bryce. -- Schoenfield

Honestly, the biggest storyline will revolve around the lack of activity that occurred at these meetings. The planes out of Nevada will be filled with people wondering why every major free agent appears so content on waiting to announce a decision, instead of giving the baseball world something to chew on for three days. -- Harvey

The same thing we were talking about on the plane into Vegas: Where will Bryce Harper and Manny Machado sign? -- Mullen