Caution: Falling MLB records ahead?

With 52 homers in 2017, Aaron Judge eclipsed the previous rookie record of 49. Will he deliver another ruling in the record books this season? Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

Some "unbreakable" marks might just be in jeopardy in 2019 ... like these three.

The record: 73 home runs

Most likely to break it: Aaron Judge.

Barry Bonds hit 73 in a pitchers' park while getting walked 177 times. I know -- steroids. But is it that hard to imagine a star who plays in a homer-friendly park, gets more plate appearances and has more lineup protection hitting 74?

The record: 62 saves

Most likely to break it: Blake Treinen.

The history of the save record is really the history of the save opportunity record. Francisco Rodriguez, who had 62 in 2008, blew seven chances. And Bobby Thigpen, whose record of 57 was broken by Rodriguez, blew eight. So 63-or a healthy bit more-is possible.

The record: 20 K's in a nine-inning game

Most likely to break it: Max Scherzer.

Scherzer and others have come close. A pitcher has struck out at least 10 batters and kept a 21-K pace before being pulled from the game 26 times. And we've seen pitchers strike out 21 (or more) batters across 27 outs -- "hidden" 21-K games, spread over multiple outings.