Meeting Richard Stanley

TODAY we get to meet Richard Stanley, the man who came to Uganda with a dream that one day these kids will be playing baseball. He has built fields and dorms in Mpigi so the kids can come there to eat, shower and play baseball and softball. He has a vision of his facility holding the Africa-Middle East regional tourney for LL. If that happens, then baseball will be a reality here. Richard takes us on a tour around the facility, which sits on 40 acres and has its own natural spring. He has started to produce, package and distribute fruit juices as a source of income to support his endeavors of baseball in Uganda. He has also started a fishery that births catfish for the same purpose.

After we tour a nearby village, we return to the complex, and Richard says it's time for the daily softball game. Everyone has to play, and of course the girls made sure my sister and I weren't on the same team. Given the condition of the field, there was no way I was going to play in the infield, so I took my place in left. There were two girls who I would say had real potential to play the game, but the others were still a ways away. Nevertheless, we all had fun. After playing four innings, we say our goodbyes for the day and head back to the hotel.


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