Brandon McCarthy recalls incident

Oakland Athletics pitcher Brandon McCarthy said what he remembers most about the moments after taking a line drive to the head in early September are the sounds he heard.

"I just remember kinda after, once I was on the ground, it sounded like a jet was flying close by," McCarthy told ESPN The Magazine on Tuesday in his first interview since the incident. "I could hear just a ringing. It sounded like a jet was about to take off close. I kept asking is there a plane overhead? What is that noise I am hearing? It was mixed with that and the ringing. I don't remember anything else. But those are the two things that stuck out."

McCarthy underwent two hours of surgery late Sept. 5 after he was hit in the right side of the head earlier in the day by a liner from the Los Angeles Angels' Erick Aybar. McCarthy, 29, sustained an epidural hemorrhage, brain contusion and skull fracture on the play. He was discharged from the hospital less than a week later.

McCarthy, who said he hasn't seen and doesn't plan to see the video of the incident, told ESPN The Magazine he's feeling "good, all things considered."

"It's hard to describe. Concussions are very weird," McCarthy said of his lingering symptoms. "You just feel a little cloudy and a little bit off. ... I find that with each passing day it gets a little better, a little better. It's positive in that regard but there are just little things you notice where you know you're not quite where you want to be."

The righty and A's Opening Day starter said he thinks he can begin physical activity in a week or two. McCarthy also said that if the A's make the playoffs, he hopes to be medically cleared to join the team on the road.

"It's kinda been tough these first few weeks because I feel very removed from everything just because I don't have that physical outlet, and I lose that mental outlet of not being in the clubhouse and just talking to people and being a part of it," McCarthy said. "That's been one of the tougher things of this. If we got to the playoffs, I wouldn't turn that down. I'd want to be a part of that every step of the way."

McCarthy, who went 8-6 with a 3.24 ERA this year in his sixth big league season and second with the A's, said that despite everything, he won't be nervous to get on the mound in the future.

"No, not in a pitching situation," McCarthy said. "I'll be nervous; there are always self doubts in there with everything. I still feel like I am stupid and cocky about throwing. I still feel like right now I can get on the mound and do something."

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.