Dear Mr. Seager: I'll still cheer you on

In three seasons, Seattle Mariners third baseman Kyle Seager hasn't seen it all. But he's been around long enough to know MLB fans share an unmatched day-to-day respect for the players, which can often take the form of a genuine, old-fashioned correspondence.

One piece of fan mail Seager received recently was unlike most.

Seager, less than two weeks after the day his bat flew into the stands in Houston during an at-bat, was written a heartfelt letter from the young boy the bat landed on, wishing Seager well.

The boy, named Lyle, was unhurt and had promptly sent the bat back to Seager, whose 15-game hitting streak ended in the second game of the three-game series.

"My name is Lyle Raymond. Your bat landed on me. I am OK," read the letter, scrawled onto three-prong, hole-punched notebook paper. "Thanks for giving me the thumbs up when you were on first base. I like the Astros but will cheer you on too. I gave back your bat because you had a big hitting streak with that bat. I hope you have more hits with that bat. Your fan, Lyle."

While Seager's streak ended, his quest for .300 remains, as he's raised his average since that series from .289 to .296. He also has 17 home runs with 51 RBIs.

Seager's wife, Julie, posted a photo of the letter on Twitter: