Deadline winners and losers

He may no longer be an MVP candidate, but Hanley Ramirez is an upgrade for the Dodgers. Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The trade deadline just passed, so we asked our experts to tell us who got the most (and least) out of it.

1. The big winner of the trade deadline is the ___________.

Jerry Crasnick (@jcrasnick), ESPN.com: Angels. Greinke was the biggest difference-making starter out there once Cole Hamels signed, and Jerry Dipoto went out and snagged him.

David Schoenfield (@dschoenfield), SweetSpot: I'm going with the Dodgers, even though they didn't land Ryan Dempster. The thing with the Dodgers is they had some glaring holes to fix, and Hanley Ramirez and Shane Victorino should upgrade the offense. They also didn't have to give up Zach Lee or Allen Webster, their top two prospects.

Logan Burdine (@logan_burdine), Blake Street Bulletin: I'm tempted to give this to the Astros just because they were able to execute their plan perfectly. They dumped some aging, overpaid players who were bad fits going forward and restocked their farm system. However, the winner among MLB's "buyers" was probably the Pirates. By adding Wandy Rodriguez and Gaby Sanchez, Pittsburgh filled in some important holes and did so without having to mortgage its bright future.

2. The big loser of the trade deadline is the ___________.

Crasnick: Marlins. How bad is it when a team sells off four months after opening a new stadium? The Carlos Lee acquistion made no sense, either.

Schoenfield: The Cardinals did little to bolster a pitching staff that could use some depth as they try to chase down the Reds and Pirates. Edward Mujica is homer-prone guy you can't really trust and won't put a dent in Cincinnati's seven-game lead.

Burdine: The Rockies have quietly had an absolutely terrible trade deadline. They have several movable pieces and needed to make some drastic changes but failed to come up with anything besides a marginal second-base prospect and Jonathan Sanchez. They had a chance to fix an offseason mistake with Michael Cuddyer but stubbornly made him untouchable. And, they have two quality relievers (Rafael Betancourt and Matt Belisle) who could've brought in a nice haul but decided against dealing either player. It's hard to accept the status quo from a team that is 26 games under .500.

3. Take a guess: The World Series will be played between the __________ and the __________.

Crasnick: I picked the Rangers in spring training, so I feel compelled to stick with them even though my head tells me otherwise. The Dodgers now have an offense poised to make a run under Don Mattingly.

Schoenfield: Is "I have no idea" an acceptable answer? I love the Angels' potential playoff rotation, but they might not even win the AL West. So I think that makes the Yankees the American League favorite. In the National League, I'll stick with the Nationals, if only because the other divisions remain so wide-open.

Burdine: Angels and Reds. The Angels are so loaded it is scary, and I'm looking for the Reds to lean heavily on their talented bullpen to make a Cardinals-esque run through the playoffs.