Nick Swisher announces retirement ... while swimming in tank of sharks

If you're terrified of sharks, what better way to make a big announcement than by swimming with the toothy beauties. Right?

Well, at least that was free agent Nick Swisher's thinking. Swisher decided to announce his retirement from the big leagues while swimming in a tank with all kinds of sea creatures, including sharks.

He also announced his retirement in a lengthy letter published on The Players' Tribune. And based on what he wrote, conquering his fear of sharks is just the beginning of the adventures that he plans to partake in.

"This dream is over y'all. But another one is about to begin," Swisher wrote. "The roller coaster is not stopping, it's just switching tracks. And I'm gonna keep enjoying every second of the ride."

The 36-year-old slugger spent 12 seasons in the majors, chalking up an OPS-plus of 113, 245 home runs and 803 RBIs. On top of that, Swisher made one All-Star appearance, with the 2010 Yankees, and earned a World Series ring with the '09 Yanks.

-- Courtney Schellin