Charlie Blackmon meets 2-year-old superfan

Colorado Rockies OF Charlie Blackmon finally had the chance to meet one of his biggest (or at the very least, youngest) fans on Friday.

The night of the MLB All-Star Game, a video of 2-year-old Tommy Carlson enthusiastically yelling "It's Charlie Blackmon!" as the Rockies outfielder was introduced as part of the National League lineup quickly gained traction online and lovingly earned Tommy the title: "Charlie Blackmon kid."

Ahead of the Rockies' game versus the Pittsburgh Pirates at Coors Field on Friday, Tommy had the chance to meet Blackmon in person. This time around, instead of a loud reaction, he was stunned into silence as his favorite player entered the room. Blackmon scooped him up with a hug, and their sweet interaction might be the cutest thing to hit the internet today.

It certainly was a moment both the Charlie Blackmon kid, and the real Chuck Nazty, won't soon forget.

-- Sarah Scrivens