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Athletics' Boog Powell and original Boog Powell FaceTime with 'Boog 3'

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"Boog" may not be the most common of nicknames, but when it comes to baseball, the name seems to have a habit of being passed down from generation to generation.

The Oakland Athletics have a Boog on their roster. Boog Powell, born Herschel Mack Powell IV, made his major league debut earlier this season with the Seattle Mariners before being acquired in a trade by the A's for Yonder Alonso earlier this month. 

On Monday, Herschel "Boog" Powell hit his first MLB career home run against the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards. Why is this significant? Because the original Boog Powell -- John Wesley "Boog" Powell -- is an Orioles legend who won two World Series titles as a player for Baltimore. There's no family relation between the two.

What's more, the elder Boog Powell now runs a successful BBQ joint located inside of Camden Yards. On Tuesday, the young Powell got the chance to meet his namesake and try his famous ballpark food.


But the passing of the name doesn't stop with the Athletics outfielder. In this summer's Little League World Series, there was a Jeffery "Boog" Powell from Tennessee who captured the hearts of fans everywhere, including his two elder namesakes. On Tuesday, the three Boogs got a chance to FaceTime.

The Athletics' Boog Powell has slashed .273/.385/.345 so far this season.

--Meaghan Latella

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