WBC fails to reach deal with umpires union

NEW YORK -- Unable to work out a deal with unionized major
league umpires, organizers of the World Baseball Classic announced
crews Friday that leaned heavily on minor league umpires who
regularly fill-in at the major league level.
Bob Davidson, Tom Hallion and Ed Hickox were the notable names
among the 31 umpires hired for the tournament. The three were among
the 22 umps who lost their jobs during a 1999 labor dispute, and in
a December 2004 agreement the commissioner's office agreed to hire
them back among the next five openings.
As a condition for working the tournament, the World Umpires
Association umpires asked that the trio be restored to full major
league salaries and health care, and that money be set aside for
retired umpires and their families.
Umpires were picked from the nations of 11 of the 16 teams in
the tournament.