WBC games in early rounds will end at 14 innings

NEW YORK -- Get ready for ties in the first World Baseball

Organizers said Tuesday that games in the first two rounds of the tournament will be ended after 14 innings, even if teams remain tied.

In addition, the tournament's technical committee may suspend semifinal games after 14 innings if "pitcher availability for both
teams would be substantially jeopardized by not suspending the game
and pitcher availability would be substantially enhanced by
resuming the game as a suspended game on the next day."

Ties would count as half a win and half a loss in determining a
team's winning percentage, organizers said.

Rain also could cause situations that deviate from normal major
league rules.

Games can be suspended, even if they have not gone long enough become regulation games. If the game affects which teams will
advance, organizers will attempt to schedule the completion of the
game for the following day. If the game is suspended again
during the first two rounds or the game isn't finished, the team
that is ahead would be declared the winner if it is a regulation
game; it would be a tie if the teams are even or it would be ruled
"no game" if it hasn't become a regulation game.