Jackson-King Mo Lawal heats up

Bellator MMA got the fight it wanted Friday -- literally and figuratively speaking.

Yes, Quinton Jackson and Muhammed Lawal will square off in the Bellator light heavyweight tournament finals -- on a date to be determined. With due respect to Christian M'Pumbu and Mikhail Zayats, this was the outcome Bellator wanted.

The matchup is so obvious that many wondered why Bellator would risk losing it in the first place. Why not just throw the two former champions (Jackson of UFC/Pride; Lawal of Strikeforce) on the same side of the tournament bracket to begin with?

The answer came in the 10 minutes that followed Jackson's TKO win Friday. All of a sudden, Lawal was in the cage. Words between the two light heavies ensued.

Shoving, even. Promises of impending acts of violence were made.

How real was it all? One rumor on Twitter suggested the local regulatory body was aware of it before it happened. If we're being real, then let's be real. These are two fighters referred to almost exclusively by nickname. One is known for wearing a crown on his head -- the other, a chain around his neck.

Nevertheless, we knew this is what we signed up for when it came to Bellator 101. We probably hoped for it, if we're being honest with ourselves.

What I'm saying is although there were some cringe-worthy moments during that Friday fiasco, I'm not willing to grade the "Rampage and King Mo" docudrama as a whole quite yet. It might just be warming up.

Grades are for Bellator 110 plus UFC Fight Night 37 from Macau, China.