From Rousey to Fight Night 38

St-Pierre on UFC 167 Title Fight (3:26)

Georges St-Pierre gives his thoughts on the scoring of his title fight with Johny Hendricks, Dana White and what it would take to fight Anderson Silva. (3:26)

Each week, ESPN.com MMA writer Brett Okamoto, ESPN Insider senior editor Mike Huang and a special guest panelist will tackle five questions that are buzzing in the world of mixed martial arts.

This week, UFC welterweight and perennial contender Josh Koscheck joins the panel to provide his thoughts on Ronda Rousey, Georges St-Pierre and more.

1. Who gives Ronda Rousey the most problems?

Josh Koscheck: I'd like to see her fight that "Cyborg" [Cris Justino] girl. That would actually be an interesting fight. That's real competition. They know that girl has proven herself in MMA. She's a beast.

Brett Okamoto: Gina Carano? No. Let's get that out of the way. Holly Holm? No. Can't see her being able to handle Rousey's grappling advantage. Cat Zingano is a real threat, but coming off a lengthy injury sure doesn't help. The biggest challenge is Justino, but she has to make the 135-pound weight and still be herself, which is far from a guarantee.

Mike Huang: Look, let's be fair. Carano hasn't fought a professional fight in more than four years, Dana White doesn't want Holm and Justino won't ever pass a drug test. But Zingano wouldn't give Rousey the most problems by process of elimination. She's just good: She has the requisite quickness and power to bang or roll with Rousey. Zingano handled Miesha Tate pretty easily at "The Ultimate Fighter" 17 finale with powerful knee strikes and jabs. If she can do that against Rousey -- and protect her liver -- she's got a shot.

2. Buy or sell: Georges St-Pierre returns by the end of 2014.

Koscheck: I buy it. He's got a lot of money, so I don't think he cares either way. Here's the reason he'll fight, though. Even though the UFC and St-Pierre have a little bit of a grudge match going on right now, the UFC is going to suck up its ego and pay St-Pierre to come back. The UFC is losing money at 170 pounds because Johny Hendricks isn't going to sell pay-per-views. We know that. GSP is the pay-per-view king. The UFC will offer him something to come back and fight again. I can guarantee you that. It's all about the money.

Okamoto: Sell. I believe he'll fight again but not this year. He looks very comfortable sitting out right now. For him to fight in 2014, he'd have to announce his return by what, July or so? The new champ, Hendricks, is injured and won't fight until October/November and I don't see St-Pierre returning by then. Definitely sell.

Huang: Sell. St-Pierre looks like he had some serious personal problems and was suffering from a classic case of burnout. And considering some of the harsh words exchanged between St-Pierre and White, as well as the drama that's fueling the welterweight division, I don't think you'll see St-Pierre in 2014.

3. Who should be next for Johny Hendricks?

Koscheck: How in the hell would they give Nick Diaz a title fight coming off two losses in a row? I should fight for the title if that's the case. You question the sport if things like that happen. That doesn't look good for the sport if Diaz is next in line for the title. Rory MacDonald, Tyron Woodley -- those are good candidates for being next in line for the title.

Okamoto: As of today, Woodley. I'm not so sure about Woodley sitting out until Hendricks is ready, though. T-Wood is No. 1 in my mind, but it's not that elementary. MacDonald and Hector Lombard are in the discussion. As good as I thought he looked in Dallas, a No. 1 contender fight between Woodley and MacDonald this summer in Vancouver makes a lot of sense to me.

Huang: Well, he's got to recover from a torn biceps first, which could take months. Robbie Lawler deserves a rematch, while McDonald and Woodley fight it out to be next in line. It just underscores how deep this division is and Hendricks might only be allowed this brief respite before facing a gauntlet of skilled challengers.

4. Is it possible Saturday will be Dan Henderson's swan song?

Koscheck: I think there will be a lot of fighters retiring because of that [banning of TRT]. It will hurt the industry -- but in a good way. I think TRT is bulls---. It's 100 percent a steroid. Let's be real. It's a performance-enhancing drug. If you need that to compete, then you are too old to be in this sport. Anybody that is on that and comes out saying, "I need TRT," it's horses---. Look at Vitor Belfort. He is a monster. He's going to end up killing somebody because he's such a freak. He's 36 years old. He's a deadly weapon.

Okamoto: No chance. If he suffers an injury in the fight that's one thing, but he's not retiring after this fight based on the fact he can't use TRT anymore. I spoke to him this week and didn't get that impression at all. He was off TRT for a fight against Rashad Evans last year. He just signed a six-fight deal with the UFC this year. Henderson isn't happy about TRT being banned, but he's not going to pack up and go home because of it.

Huang: Why? Because he's 40? As I know Henderson, he fights more on heart, experience and skill. While that skill is diminishing, to say TRT was the sole reason for his success is to diminish his accomplishments. No doubt he's at gatekeeper status, but if he does go out, it'll be on his terms.

5. Who has the most breakout potential at UFC Fight Night 38?

Koscheck: I don't know one person on the card. One of the things the UFC is lacking right now is stars and this card shows that. Hopefully they can get behind some of these guys and build them up. We need more stars in this sport, that's for sure.

Okamoto: I've gone from high to not so high, back to cautiously high on Cezar Ferreira. Athletically, he's great. Big for the division, still explosive and quick. He's had issues defensively, but has shown improvement. He's not being fed more than he can chew right now, which is good. This could be a breakout win for him.

Huang: In the little we've seen of Ferreira, he's a powerful grappler who's at home both on the ground or standing up. He's got decent hands, albeit a bit stiff, but good enough to set up a great shot. Against CB Dollaway, he's got a chance to take make a name for himself against a former All-American wrestler from Arizona State. Dollaway's probably a little desperate for a win, something Ferreira can take advantage of.