Draftcast: UFC 175 edition

MMA fantasy fans, it's time to get in the game.

ESPN experts Brett Okamoto, Mike Huang, Reed Kuhn and you, the fans, will compete in our inaugural MMA Fantasy Draft, beginning Thursday at noon ET.

Here's how it works: Over three rounds, Okamoto, Huang, Kuhn and one chosen fan per round will draft fighters on Saturday's UFC 175 card in Las Vegas. The first overall draft pick will be made at 12:15 p.m. ET, with selections following every five minutes except for a 10-minute break between rounds. The actual draft order will be announced at the start of the draftcast.

In our fantasy draft, picking winners isn't enough. Our scoring system (in the table on the right) rewards dominance.

The key is to draft fighters who won't just win, but win decisively. On the other hand, picking a loser whose night comes to an early end will result in negative points.

As a guide, check out the top 50 MMA fighters since the beginning of 2013 based on our scoring system. After Saturday's bouts, the scores will be tallied and our first MMA fantasy standings will be revealed. Upcoming drafts will be conducted before each major MMA event for the rest of the year.

Want to make a draft pick for the fans? You might be chosen, but only if you join us Thursday at noon ET. You can also submit questions, comments and more at #mmadraftcast.