UFC Bracket - Vote for the best fight of all time

Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson fought to a bloody battle at UFC 165 in 2013. Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

Everybody knows March is bracket season. And even though all those beautiful diagrams are traditionally reserved for college hoops this time of year, we're asking fight fans to join in on the fun.

The UFC has witnessed thousands of remarkable fights since 1994, but which one stands above the rest? Over the next several weeks, ESPN will rely on you, the fans, to determine the answer.

Today, we unveil our top 16 selections for "Greatest Fight in UFC History." On Wednesday, March 22, we'll reveal results for the Elite Eight, followed by the Final Four on March 29.

Vote for your favorites and tune in on April 5 to find out the ultimate winner.

No. 1 seed: The closest Jon Jones has ever come to a legitimate loss. Maybe they'll do it again someday.

No. 16 seed: "The Crippler," as Chris Leben was affectionately known, was always good for entertainment and this was arguably his finest work. It was Leben's second fight in two weeks and an unforgettable one.

No. 2 seed: Fifteen of the most historic minutes in the sport's history. UFC president Dana White credits it for essentially saving the company.

No. 15 seed: One of the most improbable five-round draws you'll ever see. A 25-minute heavyweight slugfest that seemingly defied the laws of science. How did neither one go out? We may never know.

No. 3 seed: The back-and-forth warfare of this bout has developed something of a cult following. There were guts displayed. Lots of guts.

No. 14 seed: When Diego Sanchez dropped Gilbert Melendez in the third round, the roof nearly came off in Houston. UFC president Dana White was so excited, he literally ran around the Octagon at the conclusion of the fight.

No. 4 seed: Chael Sonnen talked the talk and then walked the walk better than just about anyone thought he would -- right up until that instant-classic fifth-round Anderson Silva triangle.

No. 13 seed: The backstory to this rivalry was incredible. McGregor's obsession over the first loss. Diaz's disgruntlement with how the UFC portrayed it. Culminating in a five-rounder for the ages.

No. 5 seed: One of the most lopsided first rounds in MMA history, followed by one of the most amazing four-round comebacks in MMA history.

No. 12 seed: The Brock Lesnar era appeared all but over in the first round, when the super-sized Shane Carwin dropped him with punches. Lesnar would survive and even show his evolution, submitting Carwin via arm-triangle.

No. 6 seed: Rivalry. A missed low blow, which almost led to a Frank Trigg II victory. Matt Hughes' iconic body slam. Pandemonium. One of the best fights ever.

No. 11 seed: Who can forget Sanchez's sprint at the opening bell in Las Vegas? Clay Guida's trademark hair turning into a bloody matte red? Savages.

No. 7 seed: These two gave new meaning to the phrase "leave it all in the cage." They probably each took a piece of the other that night. Courageous fight.

No. 10 seed: The two met more than two years after Penn halted Hughes's welterweight title reign in their first meeting. Hughes exacted his revenge in one of the signature moments of his career.

No. 8 seed: "Big Nog" went into enemy territory for this bout, and the result was fireworks. Randy Couture survived a few dangerous spots and brought the Northwest crowd to a frenzy all night.

No. 9 seed: One of the most anticipated matchups ever. The pride of the UFC (Chuck Liddell) vs. the pride of Pride (Wanderlei Silva). Fans wanted them to trade leather, and trade leather they did.