UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt evaluated, deemed fit

UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt has been deemed physically fit to return to competition, according to his manager, Zen Ginnen.

Hunt, 43, recently underwent medical evaluation at a Cleveland Clinic facility in Las Vegas, at the request of the UFC. Ginnen told ESPN the results are favorable.

"Dr. Charles Bernick from the Cleveland Clinic gave us a call today about the results from his test in Vegas and pleased to say Mark passed well above average, and [Bernick] is comfortable of him moving forward with competition.

"He has forwarded the results to the UFC. They'll have the final say of him being cleared and competing again in the near future."

The UFC did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The promotion pulled Hunt (13-11-1) from a scheduled five-round fight in November because of medical concerns. The issue arose after Hunt wrote a piece for PlayersVoice in which he described symptoms including slurred speech and memory loss.

Hunt quickly lashed out at the UFC and told ESPN he felt the decision was linked to his active lawsuit against UFC president Dana White and former opponent Brock Lesnar. He's accused the parties of working together to allow Lesnar to fight him in 2016, while Lesnar was using performance-enhancing drugs.

Hunt initially declined the UFC's request to test him in Las Vegas, at the same Cleveland Clinic that's been involved in a fighter brain study since 2011. The Australia-based heavyweight eventually agreed to fly to the U.S. last week.

Pending UFC clearance, Hunt would like to fight at a UFC 211 pay-per-view event scheduled for Feb. 11 in Perth, Australia.