Georges St-Pierre feeling better, open to new fight

Georges St-Pierre is feeling "much better" after suffering from a digestive disease late last year and has left the door wide-open for another UFC fight.

St-Pierre (26-2) became a two-weight champion in the UFC in November when he submitted Michael Bisping for the middleweight title at UFC 217. The former welterweight king vacated that title just 33 days later, citing the medical condition colitis.

In an interview with MMAFighting.com on Monday, the 36-year-old said he is still taking medication for the disease but is not suffering from symptoms. When asked whether he believes he will fight again, St-Pierre responded, "I think so."

"I think I will fight again," St-Pierre said. "It depends on my health condition. It's too soon to say now. I feel much better now. I've always sai, I will prioritize my health over my performance."

St-Pierre is the longest-reigning welterweight champion in UFC history, but he vacated his title in 2013, saying he needed a break from the sport.

The Canadian star's return was a boon for the UFC, as St-Pierre headlined UFC 217 inside Madison Square Garden. Despite the lengthy layoff -- and undisclosed health condition -- St-Pierre dispatched Bisping in less than three rounds.

The UFC was not thrilled when St-Pierre vacated the title as quickly as he did. UFC president Dana White told ESPN he would be "super pissed" if St-Pierre vacated and said he specifically wrote a mandatory title defense into St-Pierre's contract.

St-Pierre said he intended to defend the belt, but his health intervened.

"The truth is, I knew I had the condition and I knew I would probably have to lose weight," St-Pierre said. "I was forcing myself to add weight [to fight at middleweight]. I felt like I had a lot of water retention. It was not a healthy way of living. So the reason I vacated the title, I didn't want to put this division on hold. I didn't want to make people wait for me.

"Dana maybe isn't happy about it because he doesn't control me. Maybe he's used to dealing with people he can control. I don't depend on fighting. I don't need UFC to live my life. I've been there, done that. I have other stuff on the side that has nothing to do with UFC. I don't have to fight if I don't want to."

It seems clear, however, that St-Pierre does want to fight, provided his health cooperates.

He said it is too early to discuss an opponent for his next comeback, but, as expected, it would need to be a high-profile, legacy bout.

"Conor McGregor, money-wise, I believe is the one that can put more money on the table," St-Pierre said. "However, legacy-wise, I don't think he's the guy. If I come back, it's for legacy. That's what interests me the most, more than money. Money, yes, it's good, but if I come back, it will be more for a legacy match.

"Let's say Nick [Diaz] comes back and fights for title -- Diaz for me, now, is not a good fight -- but let's say he comes back and wins a title or accomplishes something great, now his name is higher, his brand is higher. Now maybe, it's worth it. That's how I see things."