Edgar's grit helps him seize the day

UFC 136 had all the makings of a showcase for mixed martial arts, and if you watched you know it delivered. Why? It was competitive. Every fighter was challenged to improve in preparation and show up on fight night.

Two champions, Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo, stamped marks on their respective divisions. Chael Sonnen, a yearned-for challenger, loudly secured his spot. There were wars and stunning upsets. It's worth celebrating a card that delivers as promised. That's continued validation for fans spending time and money on UFC and MMA.

The end to a three-week stretch featuring UFC title defenses by Jon Jones, Dominick Cruz, Aldo and Edgar leaves behind an immense amount of news to digest. That's all good to fill copy space during a needed two-week lull on the schedule. Here, of course, we focus on the fights. From A-plus to F, this is how Saturday in Houston shook out:

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