Chael Sonnen won't appeal loss

Chael Sonnen has opted against appealing his UFC 148 loss to middleweight champion Anderson Silva, according to a report by FUEL TV.

In one of the most anticipated bouts in UFC history, Sonnen suffered a second-round TKO after he slipped while making a spinning-backfist attempt, which allowed Silva to tag him with a knee to the body that set up the eventual stoppage.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that Sonnen had planned to appeal. But Sonnen changed course during an interview on FUEL TV on Tuesday.

"The referee's judgment is what stands," he said. "I trust in that, and it works both ways. The referee makes the decision, and that is the decision. We live with it. We would never go and appeal. A decision is a decision. Part of competing is you have to know how to lose. It's real easy to win, but you have to know how to lose. You have to man up, swallow it and walk out."

Sonnen voiced support for referee Yves Lavigne, who deemed Silva's knee legal. Replays showed that the knee landed legally to the chest, not the head.

"The knee really hurt," Sonnen said. "All the shots really hurt. Here's the reality: We don't do instant replay in this sport, and we shouldn't. It comes down to a judgment call. And wherever the referee says the knee landed officially, that is where the knee landed. That is an excellent official, as they all are. He made his call, and I will never complain and look back."