UFC's Dana White wants super bout

Middleweight champion Anderson Silva said after his TKO win on Saturday night over Stephan Bonnar that he no longer will compete at light heavyweight.

But UFC president Dana White isn't ready to throw in the towel on a possible mega-fight between Silva and 205-pound titleholder Jon Jones.

White is prepared to offer Silva a large amount of money to face Jones.

"There are so many options for (Silva) right now," White said. "He's amazing. He never ceases to amaze.

"But he's at this point in his career where there are super fights for him. I don't know when it's going to be over for him. But I know this: The Georges St. Pierre fight is a big fight. I think the Jon Jones fight is a big fight.

"I know my man says 'no, no, no' to Jon Jones, but the amount of money that will be offered for that fight, he will say 'yes, yes, yes.' "

White went on to say he likes the idea of holding a Silva-Jones fight at Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

"I'll be negotiating with Anderson and his crew," White said. "He has a contract for two more fights and he said he wants to fight for five more years.

"I'd love to sign him to 55 more years."

For the third time in less than two weeks, Silva emphasized Saturday night he will not move up to fight Jones. Previously, he has cited not wanting to get in the way of teammates who could be in position to fight Jones.

After his victory over Bonnar on Saturday, Silva offered an additional reason.

"All athletes in the division will get their opportunity to fight for the title," Silva said. "I don't have any intention of fighting with him. I think he has a lot to do in UFC.

"I'm in a comfortable position and I am no longer a child. I'm 37 years old. He's a kid. He's starting.

"I have two fights on my contract and one of them I think will be against Georges St. Pierre."