Johnson edges Dodson, defends title

CHICAGO -- Champion Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson and top contender John Dodson said speed would not be the determining factor in their flyweight title bout on Saturday night at the United Center.

They were correct.

It was Johnson's relentless pressure against Dodson's power. And after five rounds, Johnson's pressure won out.

The judges scored the fight 48-47, 49-46 and 48-47 for Johnson in the main event of UFC on Fox 6. ESPN.com had Johnson winning 48-47.

Dodson got off to a fast start, landing several hard left hooks that hurt Johnson, dropping the champion three times in the second round. But despite the early setbacks, Johnson continued to pressure Dodson.

"I got dazed a bit, but I'm in great shape," said Johnson, who was making the first defense of his title. "It's like swimming -- you're going to get wet a little bit."

Johnson's constant pressure eventually slowed Dodson's attack and in Rounds 4 and 5 -- the championship rounds -- Johnson began to take control of the fight.

He had found it easier to get Dodson against the cage, where he was able to land hard knees to the body and head. Johnson also took Dodson to the ground several times to impress the judges.

While Dodson was slowing down, Johnson showed no signs of wilting. As a result, Johnson improves to 17-2-1.

"It was a great fight. I'm very happy the fans liked it," Johnson said. "He hit me pretty good a couple of times. I was stunned, but I am in great shape and my head cleared very quick. He's very tough, very strong. I hit him with a lot of knees late, but he's very tough. That was a great fight and great first defense."

Dodson, who experienced five rounds of fighting for the first time as a flyweight, falls to 14-6.

"I don't think I won. Some people have said that, but I don't think so," Dodson said. "I think it was close. I will be back in the title picture soon. I got some things I need to go work on. I should have got out of that clinch better, but when I come back, I will be better."

Teixeira ends Jackson's UFC run with loss

Former light heavyweight champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson fought in the Octagon for the final time, and fast-rising Glover Teixeira was determined to see him leave the UFC on a sour note.

Teixeira stalked Jackson throughout their three-round affair and attacked with hard left uppercuts and punches to the body en route to a unanimous decision victory.

Two judges scored the bout 30-27, while the third had it 29-28. ESPN.com scored it 30-27 for Teixeira, who improves to 20-2.

"He hits very hard, but I managed to never (allow him) to hit me flush," Teixeira said. "I took him down a couple of times, kicked and punched, mixed it up to keep him working. Rampage has been a top-10 guy for maybe nine years, and it was a big win for me. After all those years, I couldn't fight the big names because of my visa issues. It is great to fight the biggest names in the sport."

Teixeira was hoping to finish Jackson and landed hard punches to the head. He also took Jackson to the ground several times in the fight, which caused the crowd to boo loudly. While Teixeira was unable to get the finish, he opened a cut under Jackson's left eye and staggered him in the second round.

It wasn't the finish Jackson (32-11) was seeking, but he fought valiantly. Jackson was breathing heavy in the second round, but continued to throw hard punches after catching a second wind.

Jackson has vowed never to fight in the UFC again, claiming the promotion did not treat him fairly on several occasions.

"I really wanted to win that fight," Jackson said. "I kinda wish I fought smart and didn't get hit so much, but I always said I would rather lose a good fight than win a boring one, and the fans are telling me that was an exciting fight. So I guess I'm sad, but not so sad. I fought like Rampage tonight. I tried to knock him out with every punch. Wasn't so smart, but it was fun for the fans.

"To my fans, we know we won the UFC and PRIDE titles -- first time ever that happened. I'm happy to end on an exciting fight for them. I came in to the UFC exciting and I left exciting."

Pettis quiets Cerrone with first-round TKO

Donald Cerrone claimed that Anthony Pettis was ducking him. Pettis, who had not fought since February 2012, claimed he was injured.

Pettis was back to full health when the two entered the cage for their long-awaited grudge match, and he took out all his anger on the trash-talking Cerrone.

Several kicks to Cerrone's midsection softened him, and Pettis finished the fight with a hard left kick to the liver. The strike dropped Cerrone, who was unable to get up, bringing an official end to the bout at 2:35 of the first round.

"Dana White, what do I have to do to get a title shot?" Pettis said after improving to 16-2. "I knew I was going to finish him. Donald called me out. He said I was scared. I'm not scared of anybody. I want a title shot."

Pettis, the former WEC lightweight champion, extended his win streak to three.

Cerrone (19-5) landed a hard knee to the chest that knocked Pettis off balance, but the former WEC lightweight titleholder quickly rebounded and took charge of the bout.

Lamas crushes Koch, stays unbeaten at 145

During his first bout in more than a year, featherweight contender Erik Koch didn't show any signs of being out of rhythm. But he found himself in the unfortunate position of facing one of the hottest fighters in UFC.

Ricardo Lamas landed hard punches and elbows in the second round that opened a nasty cut near Koch's right eye. When a bloodied Koch was unable to defend himself effectively, referee John McCarthy waved the assault off at the 2:32 mark.

Koch (13-2), who had his win streak snapped at four, had not fought since Sept. 17, 2011, when he beat Jonathan Brookins by unanimous decision.

He was slated to face UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo on several occasions in 2012, but the bouts were continuously called off due to injuries.

Aldo faces former lightweight titleholder Frankie Edgar in Las Vegas on Feb. 2.

Lamas has won all of his fights at 145 pounds. He is 13-2 and puts himself in the title conversation by defeating Koch.

"I want the winner of Jose Aldo-Frankie Edgar next," Lamas said. "I don't care who wins. I want a title shot."