Top shelf

RONDA ROUSEY, 26, might just be the top submission artist in MMA. And she plans to prove it against Liz Carmouche at UFC 157 on Feb. 23.

"I've been training to use the armbar submission since I was 12, but my opponents have only been preparing for it for two months, so it's the most definitive way to get a win. I was trained in judo by my mom, and she always emphasized transitions. She told me that if people can stand up after a choke or a pin, they can fight back, but they can't fight back after an armbar. So after every throw, she'd yell, 'Follow up!' That's why I throw so many strikes to the head now. Upper-body strikes lead to upper-body clinches, and that's when I can get you to the ground. But however my fight with Liz ends, I want us to steal the show -- and make a statement. Women's MMA is not a novelty. It's real athletics that should be respected."

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