MMA confidential

ESPN The Magazine: MMA Confidential (6:21)

MMA Live Extra reacts to ESPN The Magazine's MMA Confidential edition. (6:21)

CAGE FIGHTERS are already an aggressive, talkative bunch. So when we gave 38 MMA fighters -- most of them from the UFC -- the chance to throw verbal punches in anonymity, they went for the knockout even more than you'd expect. Dana White? A transgender fighter? PEDs? "Oh man, I usually get in trouble when I spout off about topics like this," one veteran star said. Not today, sir. We'll withhold the fighters' names, but the rear-naked chokes of intel are all yours.

UFC light heavyweight on MMA grossness:
"I was on top of a guy once, punching him, and he kept farting. It smelled, but what am I supposed to do? I just kept punching. I didn't want the ref to think it was me, so between rounds, I told him it wasn't."

UFC middleweight on abstaining:
"When I abstain from sex before a fight, I have nothing but first-round knockouts. So it's no old wives' tale."

UFC welterweight on Fallon Fox:
"I admire Fallon Fox's courage in coming out and as a role model for transgender people. But it isn't fair for someone who was born male and spent most of her life male to fight as a female."

Bellator MMA welterweight on weight loss:
"I'll cut at least 20 pounds prefight. I don't eat for 48 hours, I don't drink water for 24 hours and I hop in the sauna for six hours with friends to help monitor me."

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