Machida shines in debut at 185

It was an MMA marathon weekend, so we'll touch on a mishmash of fighters from Bellator, UFC and the World Series of Fighting.

First, some quick thoughts:

Justin Gaethje is arguably WSOF's top prospect and he continues to play the part. He deserves a step up in competition. There's a lot of room between Dan Lauzon and the upper echelon at 155.

John Lineker won't be remembered for yet again laying out some poor flyweight, because when you miss the limit three times in five fights, that's a full-fledged disaster. He's young and dangerous, so he gets the benefit of the doubt.

Alessio Sakara somehow, some way, amassed 15 fights inside the Octagon. I don't know what's going on in the world if Sakara gets to stick around, but Yushin Okami doesn't.

• Bellator has done plenty of good stuff on the fight front, but choosing to put a guy of Ron Sparks' pedigree on television diminishes its product.

• I didn't have a problem when Jessica Andrade gave no quarter to Rosi Sexton. However, it's informative to hear the growing chorus of people who do. Dana White is on the list, which is surprising considering how much MMA action he's seen.

• The ill-conceived tripod rule has got to go. A game of cat and mouse and knee me of you can should never happen at the same time, yet the rules demand it in these sorts of scenarios. I'm also for lifting the moratorium on knees to the head of a grounded opponent.

OK, on to the report card.