Welcome To Mohr Sports, we have a great show in store for you. Cedric the Entertainer is here! Because we like to be honest with our viewers, you are watching this show sometime in August, but we are taping it on Monday, July 29th. Don't sweat it, though...We have an up to date monologue for you, right here...

Our Sympathies go out to Phil Mickelson and Anna Kournikova for losing again. Maybe next time. Congratulations to Shawn Kemp who is a new father. Another Dallas Cowboy was arrested this week. His excuse was that his car belonged to a member of the Trailblazers. And finally, can you believe those Cubs pissed it away again? There's always next year, guys.

Hey, we know it's 2002 and what have we seen so far...The NBA's number one pick is Chinese, two of the top golfers are black and Latino, some of baseball's best players are Japanese and the number one and two women's tennis players as well as the NHL's leading scorer are black. What do all these people have in common? They love Eminem.

The newest Instrument at Green Bank is a radio telescope that is 43 stories high and weighs 16 million pounds. It is the largest thing on land that moves. While Felton Spencer and Oliver Miller remain the largest things on land that don't.

Commentators Bill Walton and Tom Tolbert are moving to ESPN to work on NBA games...Folks the network just got a whole lot uglier.

According to the Oregon Research Institute, people over the age of 65 who need exercise should participate in Tai Chi. Either that or play for the Utah Jazz.

A Saudi Arabian woman is 4 months pregnant with nine babies. She's going to name them the Texas Rangers. Shawn Kemp is so proud. Nine babies all from the same mama.

A Tucson Woman, Pam Reed, won the Badwater Ultramarathon in Death Valley, California in 28 hours. In L.A. being on the road for 28 hours is called the drive to work. She finished five hours ahead of the first male runner. Of course all the men got lost and refused to ask directions...Five hours ahead of the male runners...Someone might want to give this chick a urine test to see if she takes it standing up...

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