Wednesday, August 15
Updated: September 4, 5:32 PM ET
2001 Little League World Series format

This year, the Little League World Series expanded to 16 teams: eight from various regions of the United States and eight International teams.

A second stadium, Volunteer Stadium, was built adjacent to Howard J. Lamade Stadium to accommodate the expansion and will be used during pool play.

Teams will be broken up into four pools, two national and two international. Each team will play three games within their respective pools, and the two teams with the best records in each pool will advance to the quarterfinal round. Should a tie exist, the following tiebreakers will be utilized:

  • A two-way tie will be decided on the teams' head-to-head result
  • In the event of a three-way tie, the team with the best "defensive run ratio" (runs given up divided by the number of innings played on defense). The second team to advance is decided by the head-to-head result of the two remaining teams.

    If a team only plays part of a half-inning on defense before a game is ended, that will count as a full half-inning for the purposes of computing the defensive run ratio.

    From the quarterfinals on, the format is single elimination. The top teams will cross over to play the second-place teams in the other pools. The winners of the two quarterfinal games will meet in the semifinals (the U.S. and International championship games).

    The semifinal winners will meet for the Little League World Series championship on Sunday, Aug. 26 (ABC, 6:30 p.m. ET).

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