2016 Little League World Series

New York wins first LLWS since 1964 (0:28)

New York celebrates its first Little League World Series championship since 1964 with a 2-1 victory in the championship game over South Korea. (0:28)

2016 Little League World Series

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Photo gallery: Little League World Series Action

The best of the action -- on and off the field -- from Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Top Little League World Series moments

A homer that lifted an ailing mom's spirits, a heartfelt father-son handoff, festive, fun-loving fans. Jaymee Sire, Tim Kurkjian, Jay Crawford and others who've had a front-row seat share their favorite LLWS thrills, chills and slides down the hill -- so far.

Coolbaughs carry on baseball tradition, mission

When Jacob Coolbaugh and his Texas team take on Kentucky Friday at the Little League World Series, the 12-year-old will play in honor of his father, Mike, who was killed by a line drive in 2007. His mom, Mandy, has made on-field safety her mission.

From Little League to the major leagues

Every Little Leaguer dreams of making it to the big leagues. A total of 45 players have made both the Little League World Series and MLB, including these 12 current players who first made their names on the fields of Williamsport, Pa.

Little League World Series Superlatives

Who's the tallest player in the Little League World Series? The shortest? Who has the best nickname? Here's how the 215 players representing the 16 teams in Williamsport this week measure up.

Mexico aims for another perfect LLWS ending

As Williamsport opened its arms to Mexico's Little League World Series team, its players embraced the legacy of their underdog predecessors from Nuevo Leon who made history here in 1957.

Little League is making inroads in Australia

Baseball is experiencing a boom Down Under, especially at the youth level. Outside of the U.S. and Canada, Australia has more Little League players than any other country in the world.


A home run for mom

Iowa first baseman JT Garcia hit a home run while his mother, Jen Garcia, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, was being interviewed in the stands.

Oregon coach has special moment with son

Little League World Series Oregon coach Joel Jensen tells his son Isaiah how much he loves him and that he'll face one more batter before he's removed from the game against Italy.

Little Leaguers play to honor fallen NYPD officers

Buczek Little League is the only Little League organization in the United States run by cops and dedicated to the memory of fallen NYPD officers.

LLWS Facts and Figures

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FAQ's about going to Williamsport


The qualification process for the Little League World Series begins in the months before the tournament, when each local Little League program puts together an all-star team within its league. That team goes on to compete in district, sectional and state tournaments, most of which are double-elimination. The state champions (each state sends two teams) go on to a regional competition, broken up into eight regions:

New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Great Lakes, Midwest, Northwest, Southwest and West. Eight divisions also compete in the international bracket: Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Latin America, Japan, Asia-Pacific, Europe-Middle East-Africa and Trans-Atlantic. More than 7,000 teams -- 6,500 in the U.S. -- participate in the tournament, with 6,500 of them eliminated within the first three weeks.

World Series Format

The Little League World Series is contested by 16 teams: the eight winners of the regional tournaments and eight international champions. In 2010, the tournament was determined by double elimination for the first time. The two brackets (the U.S. and international brackets) are divided into two pools. The winner of each pool goes on to a single-elimination championship game within its bracket. Then the U.S. and international champions compete for the World Series title in the championship game.

Each team still will play at least three games -- the four teams that lose both games in their pool will play a consolation match against an international team that also dropped out in two games.


Players in the Little League World Series must be between the ages of 11 and 13. Players must provide birth certificates to show they are of age. The birth-date cutoff -- the earliest date that players could turn 13 -- is May. That means many of the players in the later rounds of the tournament have already turned 13.

Girls are allowed to participate in the Little League World Series, although there also is a separate softball World Series. Girls were not allowed to participate in Little League until 1974, when the rules were revised to allow inclusion. Little League's softball programs were created the same year. Victoria Roche was the first girl to play in a Little League World Series, in the 1984 competition for the Brussels (Belgium) international squad. The 2004 tournament marked the first time two girls played in the same World Series (it happened again in 2009).


Howard J. Lamade Stadium
Howard J. Lamade Stadium is the field in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, that has played host to the Little League Baseball World Series every year since 1959. Located off U.S. Route 15, the field is named for the late vice president of Grit Publishing who was a member of the Little League board of directors in the 1950s.

The field is roughly two-thirds the size of a conventional major league field. The pitching rubber is 46 feet from home plate, while basepaths are 60 feet in length. The distance from home plate to all points of the outfield fence at Lamade Stadium is 225 feet.

It is estimated that more than 40,000 fans could be accommodated, including those on the hills beyond the outfield fences. The stadium seats between 8,000 and 10,000 fans.

Little League Volunteer Stadium
Situated next to Howard J. Lamade Stadium at Little League Baseball's headquarters in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Little League Volunteer Stadium can accommodate approximately 5,000 spectators (including lawn seating).

Little League Volunteer Stadium is used for early-round games of the Little League World Series. Admission to and parking for games during the Little League World Series is free, with seating available on a first-come, first-served basis.