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Kyrie drills 3 from way downtown over Kawhi

Kyrie Irving pulls up from 31 feet and splashes the 3-pointer over Kawhi Leonard late in the fourth quarter.


Tatum gets tough and-1 to fall

Jayson Tatum ignites the Boston crowd on a driving and-1 over Danny Green in transition.


Kyrie skips no-look dime to Hayward

The Celtics cash in on a second-chance bucket as Kyrie Irving sees Gordon Hayward from the corner of his eye on the no-look dish for a layup.


Kyrie buries lefty teardrop floater

Kyrie Irving shows off his handles as he slices through defenders and cashes the left-handed floater.


Tatum rocks Nike's new self-tying shoes

Jayson Tatum sports a pair of Nike's new self-tying Adapt BB shoes in the locker room.


Kawhi sends Kyrie, Smart to weightroom on and-1

Kawhi Leonard slices to the rim and muscles in an and-1 between Marcus Smart and Kyrie Irving.


Horford welcomes Ibaka to his Kodak Moment

Al Horford receives a pass from Gordon Hayward on the break and posterizes Serge Ibaka with an emphatic dunk.


Uncle Drew puts Siakam on skates, stares him down after and-1

Kyrie Irving gets Pascal Siakam one-on-one, creates space on the stepback and drills the and-1 mid-range jumper.


Hayward sauces Green on nasty between-the-legs step-back 3

Gordon Hayward loses Danny Green on a smooth between-the-legs stepback and nails the 3-pointer.


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