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NBA draft: Best prospects, likely picks, rankings and needs

Who is going in the top five? Who will be the best player in this class? What trades can teams make? Here's everything you need to know.

David Sherman/NBA/Getty Images

NBA mock draft: What we're hearing about each pick

We update our mock draft with the latest intel from teams, including a shake-up in the top four.

Woj doesn't expect Knicks to move up in draft

Adrian Wojnarowski says if New York was considering a trade up to draft Mo Bamba it would have requested his medical information by now.


Ayton says he and Booker could be Shaq-Kobe 2.0

Projected No. 1 overall pick Deandre Ayton details how he'd fit with the Suns and help start a winning legacy in Phoenix.


Top headlines

Trae Young

Where will he get drafted?

Four hours with Trae Young on the eve of NBA draft

It's a whirlwind as the former Oklahoma star does interviews, signs autographs and visits 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'

Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

Trae Young: ‘I want to do something that’s never been done’

The projected NBA lottery pick went from prodigy to bust in only a matter of weeks. Will he rise again?

Are teams passing on Trae Young missing a future superstar?

Will the college star become a draft steal, or are skeptics right about his NBA limitations? That's one of the draft's biggest questions.

Kawhi On The Move?

Lowe: Should Celtics put Jaylen Brown in a Kawhi trade?

If San Antonio is trading Kawhi Leonard, what would Boston offer? Zach Lowe explores how far the Celtics should go.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Seven best Kawhi Leonard trades we'd like to see

The All-Star forward reportedly wants out of San Antonio. Our NBA Insiders give seven deals that work.

Stephen A.: Celtics should avoid Kawhi trade

Stephen A. Smith does not think Boston should take the risk of trading for Kawhi Leonard because he wants to be in Los Angeles.


Woj: Kawhi trade request stems from frustration

Adrian Wojnarowski says Kawhi Leonard's frustration with comments by Tony Parker and Gregg Popovich about his injury made him want to leave San Antonio.


How the Celtics bring Kawhi to Boston

Bobby Marks breaks down how Boston's "treasure chest of assets" puts the Celtics in position to enter the race for Kawhi Leonard.


Stephen A. goes off on Kawhi's desire to be in L.A.

Stephen A. Smith isn't happy with Kawhi Leonard's disparaging of the Spurs just because he wants to play in Los Angeles.


The fascinating Lonnie Walker IV

Q&A: Lonnie Walker talks NBA draft and Bruce Lee versus MJ

The projected lottery pick discusses his alter ego on the court, which players he patterns his game after, and more.

Eric Espada/Getty Images

Lonnie Walker IV: 'I'm the true definition of different'

The former Miami guard is a unique prospect, from his hair to his views on the world.

Trade tracker

NBA trade tracker: Grades and details for every deal

Which players and draft picks are on the move? We've got a rundown of the latest trades heading into the draft and free agency.

Trade grades: Who wins Nets-Hornets Dwight Howard deal?

Brooklyn gets Dwight Howard from Charlotte to help clear space for free agents in 2019. Kevin Pelton grades the trade.

Mo Bamba

The next great big man?

Inside Mo Bamba's quest to be the NBA's next great big man

This is the behind-the-scenes story of how Bamba is training to join the ranks of the league's top big men.

Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire

Bamba is the latest chapter in Harlem's basketball history

From the Rens to Rucker Park to the projected top-5 NBA draft pick, Harlem has produced some big hitters. Partner

Ayton wants to learn 'Dream Shake' from Olajuwon

Who could be biggest steal of draft?

Aschburner: New wave of big men entering NBA

Summer spectacular

NBA free agency: Latest buzz, rumblings and reports

The market officially opens July 1, but NBA free-agency news is coming in fast. Stay up-to-date with the latest rumors and rumblings.

Trades, free agency and draft decisions for every NBA team

ESPN Insider Bobby Marks is breaking down the moves each team can and should make in the offseason.

The Basketball Tournament

Lowe: New kind of crunch time has NBA luminaries excited

The Basketball Tournament is going all-in on its radical approach to fourth quarters.

Jalen skeptical of new kind of crunch time

Zach Lowe and Jalen Rose are on opposite sides of The Basketball Tournament's experimental crunch time rule.


LeBron's big decision

All the places LeBron James could take his talents in July

LeBron James' decision on where to play next season could shake up the NBA. Where will the King find his throne? We look at the most likely options.

Illustration by Brian Connick

Billboard top 30: Every NBA team's pitch to LeBron James

Fans around the NBA have put up billboards to woo LeBron James. What would it look like if all 30 teams did the same? See for yourself.

Is this LeBron's toughest decision yet?

LeBron James is once again facing another potential free-agent decision this offseason that could be the most difficult one yet.


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