Rockin' the All-Star vote

The All-Star starters were announced Thursday night -- and, no, we didn't actually punch a ballot. We never do.

The belief here at Stein Line HQ has always been that the ballots belong to the fans to vote for whomever they wish, for whatever reasons.

However ...

We know you want to know how we would have voted. So here's our mythical, bias-free ballot:

West forwards
Fan selections: Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan

Stein's selections: Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki

Comment: KG can't do more than he's doing, leading the Wolves in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks. Problem is, Minnesota is woefully underachieving and Dallas is overachieving. Team success gives Nowitzki the edge, especially given how good he's been without longtime security blanket Steve Nash. As for Duncan ... no need to explain the obvious.

West center
Fan selection: Yao Ming

Stein's selection: Yao Ming

Comment: With Amare Stoudemire and Duncan insisting on being listed as forwards, Yao has no reasonable opposition. It doesn't hurt that Yao, in spite of all the bashing this season, is still averaging a productive 18 and 8.

West guards
Likely fan selections: Tracy McGrady and Kobe Bryant

Stein's selections: Nash and Ray Allen

Comment: T-Mac's Rockets have rallied from a poor start and Kobe's Lakers are better than most everyone expected. Phoenix and Seattle, mind you, are the biggest surprises in the whole league, and the trigger men responsible can't be ignored. Not in this cyberspace, anyway.

East forwards
Fan selections: Vince Carter and Grant Hill

Stein's selections: Jermaine O'Neal and Antawn Jamison

Comment: Nonpartisan voters will be rooting for O'Neal to pass Carter or Hill in the final tally that will be announced Feb. 3, since he's widely recognized as the best forward on the ballot and since Carter wouldn't even make the East squad if the coaches voted on all 12 spots. The case for Hill as a reserve is compelling, and touching given his years of health torment, but I'd still rank two others ahead of him besides O'Neal: Jamison and, yes, rookie Emeka Okafor.

East center
Fan selection: Shaquille O'Neal

Stein's selection: Shaquille O'Neal.

Comment: You need a justification?

East guards
Fan selections: LeBron James and Allen Iverson

Stein's selections: James and Dwyane Wade

Comment: It's not easy bumping Iverson, because he has made the transition to point guard admirably. But if we're being consistent, team success nudges Wade ahead of The Answer. Barely.

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