J. MoonJ. MoonSF232-51-22-205501202-17
R. NesterovicR. NesterovicC224-100-00-011201132-18
A. BargnaniA. BargnaniC315-92-32-412330141-114
J. CalderonJ. CalderonPG254-70-10-013461012-18
A. ParkerA. ParkerSG4210-162-30-027911011-122
J. GarbajosaJ. GarbajosaPF00-00-00-000000000-10
C. BoshC. BoshPF00-00-00-000000000-10
K. HumphriesK. HumphriesPF225-70-00-022400033-110
D. MartinD. MartinPG00-00-00-000000000-10
T.J. FordT.J. FordPG308-180-27-813480022-123
C. DelfinoC. DelfinoSG253-70-24-433641125-110
J. KaponoJ. KaponoSG201-50-02-210100002-14
M. BastonM. BastonSFDid not play
J. GrahamJ. GrahamSFDid not play
P. BrezecP. BrezecCDid not play
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+/- denotes team's net points while the player is on the court
Fast Break Points: 5
Points in Paint: -1
Total Turnovers (Points Off Turnovers): 34 (19)
Flagrant Fouls: 0
Technical Fouls: 0
M. PietrusM. PietrusSF387-140-20-035821006-114
S. JacksonS. JacksonSF447-153-82-203342033-119
A. BiedrinsA. BiedrinsC265-60-02-204420202-112
B. DavisB. DavisPG4010-172-61-2044150113-123
M. EllisM. EllisSG4314-190-05-624640053-133
A. HarringtonA. HarringtonPF203-100-43-432531003-19
M. BarnesM. BarnesSF132-40-10-034711000-14
K. AzubuikeK. AzubuikeSF141-30-21-203312111-13
C. WebberC. WebberC00-00-00-000000000-10
P. O'BryantP. O'BryantC00-00-00-000000000-10
K. PerovicK. PerovicC00-00-00-000000000-10
C.J. WatsonC.J. WatsonPG50-00-00-000000021-10
A. CroshereA. CrosherePFDid not play
B. WrightB. WrightPFDid not play
M. BelinelliM. BelinelliSGDid not play
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+/- denotes team's net points while the player is on the court
Fast Break Points: 23
Points in Paint: -1
Total Turnovers (Points Off Turnovers): 24 (21)
Flagrant Fouls: 0
Technical Fouls: 0

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