R. JeffersonR. JeffersonSF285-92-60-316721111-912
K. LeonardK. LeonardSF243-90-00-024610001-106
D. BlairD. BlairC233-80-00-045931021-86
T. DuncanT. DuncanC235-100-02-424620011-612
T. ParkerT. ParkerPG282-111-24-610140021-109
M. ThomasM. ThomasPF00-00-00-000000000+00
M. BonnerM. BonnerC303-62-50-002210004+48
T. SplitterT. SplitterC273-90-02-334701015+88
G. NealG. NealPG297-163-52-304471021+919
C. JosephC. JosephPG50-20-00-000000000-80
T.J. FordT.J. FordPG00-00-00-000000000-100
M. GinobiliM. GinobiliSG00-00-00-000000000+40
D. GreenD. GreenSG295-102-50-014503111+812
J. AndersonJ. AndersonSG203-42-20-005530001+178
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+/- denotes team's net points while the player is on the court
Fast Break Points: 6
Points in Paint: 34
Total Turnovers (Points Off Turnovers): 20 (7)
Flagrant Fouls: 0
Technical Fouls: 0
D. NowitzkiD. NowitzkiPF385-140-30-01121311003+610
B. HaywoodB. HaywoodC261-20-01-244800522+23
R. BeauboisR. BeauboisPG367-160-30-003370312+414
S. MarionS. MarionSG364-151-30-045903202-29
V. CarterV. CarterSG318-152-53-303332113-121
B. CardinalB. CardinalPF00-00-00-000000000+00
S. WilliamsS. WilliamsPF00-00-00-000000000+00
B. WrightB. WrightPF00-00-00-000000000+00
L. OdomL. OdomPF192-50-20-023500001+44
Y. JianlianY. JianlianSF00-00-00-000000000+00
I. MahinmiI. MahinmiC222-40-00-235800113-54
J. KiddJ. KiddPG00-00-00-000000000-50
D. JonesD. JonesSG40-00-00-010100010-50
D. WestD. WestSG161-60-10-003300000-62
J. TerryJ. TerrySG3814-231-35-511241022+834
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+/- denotes team's net points while the player is on the court
Fast Break Points: 7
Points in Paint: 38
Total Turnovers (Points Off Turnovers): 16 (13)
Flagrant Fouls: 0
Technical Fouls: 0

NBA News

  • Dirk cleans up Smith's missed dunk

    Dennis Smith flies to the basket looking for a huge one-handed slam, but the ball bounces off the rim. However, Dirk Nowitzki quickly grabs the rebound and makes the layup plus a foul.

  • Anderson's flop garners foul call

    Kyle Anderson gathers a defensive rebound and Salah Mejri goes for a steal attempt. Mejri appears to hit the ball, but Anderson pulls off a flop that would get a foul called on Salah.

  • Harden finishes the nasty Euro-step

    James Harden uses his signature move to score for the Rockets.